I looked at some of the last posts and yesterdays first one I had to laugh, cause it really only would make more sense to people if I had of put the time of each addition.  That in it self is a picture of scriptures.  These things make me laugh you see others would just think it is crazy you see and not make sense at all you see.

Anyway thought of brother visiting cabin those times, and sisterinlaw going to the Lakeland events back then, yup those ones Matthew prophesied to correct and shut down, she went to those you see.  Now my brother never mentioned them at all so just assume she went with the girls is all.  She brought me a bunch of little books that year and key chains you see, with this prayer of Jabaz on it you see… I remember opening up them little books she was doing each day, she said she pasted that stuff on her mirror you see to remember to say, is what she said to me.  I couldn’t even read those books you see, never read them at all… kinda like the book sis gave me called the smell of sin, I put that in Bob’s moving box you see in with the gun, he left at the house he said was J’s gun not his to me, well I put that all in a box for him.  I don’t know why I even mention it, back then I had all them things still in the office locked up you see, and one day son 2 came down to get some for his dad you see I had him take out the judge for me, one he purchased for me he said, cause it was more like a shotgun spread.  I had him lay that one on top that cabinet for me just in case you see.

Now in life we have inlaws and outlaws you see I just find it all very interesting you see, so did a search on who it was that even wrote that little books she gave me, I didn’t even open the other one can’t even remember what it was even called wouldn’t have even opened the first one you see if she didn’t go on and on about what her daily routine was you see.  That is just me.

Ended up driving around in town there getting to know the shopping there, they have 2 belles you see, went through an outlet one on the same side as TjMax, cheri and I got my copper there in DC one year… flipped that all around you see as there was a Belles across the street visited it first then went across the street again… anyway lookin for lowes but when through all the shoping and nail places, even had a McDonalds you see now for me that was 4 regular hambergers you see and ask for a small coke with less ice you see.

Then to Lowes to look at swings.  Now I chose a new one but wasn’t like Con’s… I got a green 3 seater love that color to swing in it just seemed like me.  While fighting it seemed or really just being delayed by all these others at checkout in giving direction a guy came in that exit door with a blue/white lidded ice chest in hand but before that a dude yelled at Jeremy to boot get the boot  or something like that.  Then this gal was tryin to tell the man checking me out just how to do that.  sheeesh anyway was told by her to wait out the exit door.  Now Candy is riding shotgun you see cause of the stuff in my truck for a place to be.  I chose what I have never had to represent furniture here for me till I get my stuff from up there you see.  Yeah!!  I finally got a swing, that will be my couch you see and a nice patio set from Big Lots that will go with all of it… even has 2 swivel head chairs you see.  So I now have my furniture lots happened waiting for loading finally got 2 upside down fish you see to take care of me… at least that is how that signature looks to me.  could be a mr. z j  I am just not good at reading others writings sometimes.

Now some think of that for a kitchen they call it Reynolds wrap you see, and you bet it sure is, as for my kitchen when my children were young there were always two extra of them.  Don’t ask me why, but it was the radio you see jimmy johns you see and all them jimmies that surrounded me, those two boys came to mind you see, but always together it seemed, and I was out shopping you see, got some new shoes at Payless you see where Becky and I shopped a lot you see.  Now those all were in the same neighborhood you know, and I had to laugh as the street names of the subdivision I am lookin to get a house in.  One street named Cammie you see now that fits two things for me, even my mom’s westie you see.  That street also has a Dale you see, makes me think of boats and race cars even, yet skateboarding even they built a ramp at Ken’s.

All that came to mind as I also got a subway you see, my friend Carol Lee’s fav place you see we would take turn’s where we ate you see, sometimes her sometimes me, add to all that all those Jimmy’s you C.

I went to then get just a few cloths didn’t want to spend much you know, so spent exactly 99 at LaBelles this time, thought of my sister as last time I was in there was with her for Michelle’s wedding that time.

I see Reynolds wrap and know aluminum foil and thought wow I was even shown and wondered about that, it would protect from some allergies to, still need to look into that.  As Eathell you see was told she was allergic to concrete you see, don’t know how to test for those things, but found out for me you see that what I was told about penicillin was not true for me never tested at all you see, and the same we did for Josh you see Dr just made a statement said he was allergic to that back then too you see, could be wrong as wrong can be, unless it is tested you really just don’t know.

I also got a rewards card with cloths, might try to get that credit card, tired of having to try and bend families ears, I might really get pissed if it keeps happening, just don’t want that you see.

Yeah Dad has a friend, called him telephone, telegraph, tell a ray thats him…good old sting ray you see, best watch that dude especially with children you see… don’t forget just who children are, check last book of that son of thunder.

Now programmers are a dime a dozen when you get them from India you see, they can F things up good you see, for the English speaking programmers you see.  Their thinking is backward you see, but not in that ability either you see, they just mess things up, just who lost for them to get those jobs I want to know you see, take that dog out to me.

Now one thing about some good programmers you see, some of them think you can only rewrite everything to get something right you know, but they are ones not able to walk in the spirit you see, not like all my programmers you see.  Spirit programmers can do it all, and top ones can foresee a fall.  That is all my programmers you see, ones walking in Spirit you see.  They just might not understand the Word you see, that even ones on the evil side that are of Father, you bet those are also up in heaven saved ones you see, their job is different is all you see.  Oh they might call them under the table here on earth you see, but all of them are Fathers top dogs instead, used for Fathers purpose instead.  They just didn’t all get into scripture to understand that is all, there are top positions there too is all, but that is me understanding spirit you see, and hope you can just believe, even if you don’t live with me.

My family has everything needed you see, they are how shall I say… other than have it covered all the way around you see, it is like the spelling of words you know, even have that covered you know… take the words to type define on right, write, wright  you see if it covered all the way around with my family, even with a step-gran-daddy.

That fits praying and giving the Father both my sons, so family returns as just one.  You know Jesus taught that you see, one body is just what that means for you, ya see?

On that break heard a song but different words came to me, this is a spirit thing you need to trust me and set me free for you to be in heaven you see.

Not sure how to write that in dogs would have to come to me but will write here first you see, where i was going to do before them fish jumped in that tank at me to feed them you see.  came to me how to write in dogs, moving what was going to be to their, as matters not if I get that house, that dog and I can walk that place pointing out that crap to get rid of you see, don’t need to live there at all, just walk them halls, like mom was the hall monitor then.  Those halls are inside and out you know, even John the Baptist said it you know a friend of the groom you know.


For me was shown only happens if I am with my spirit half you see, if together we find them keys if not then sh*t just stays the same  you see and no truth is gained, so who knows if that happens you know Father didn’t say yea or nea you recall just said add it together means many things you know even walking together as them two witnesses finally did ya know.  You must remember there is only one all power is given to, that fits everything and is only in the ONE being one in flesh with all understanding it, or you just stay as you are following other men’s teachings is all.

Time will tell you see as even X’s can gain eternal life you see, but there are always them decoys you see or soulless ones you know.

I was reminded of when my mom died, and my big sister pulled all the little things out from under the bed of mom’s and sent them all out to us for Christmas you see.  Mom planned way ahead you see and picked up all kinds of things, she always had something to grab for someone if she forgot you see, that was just mom to me, for friend or family or just something special.

So she sent us all those things that year and this is what sister did you see she wrote from “mom” you see but no ink in that pen you see, it was just indented pressed in with no ink at all.  Pretty special you see, am sure led of the Lord.  I wrote about those type things this morning you see, on the bride site you see, it was fitting there but spirit always it speaks too you see, that card represented lots to me, even missing from here gone to New Heaven and Earth to me… so many depths to that card I picked up, even my study time with Father to me you see as we talk by spirit He and me.

What even happened on this site is interesting to me, not sure anyone can read this card you see… only those that figure it out till fixed, or maybe just maybe we do become one you see, that was by grace Father did tell me would happen you see… becoming one on this earth he and me.

As all things I must wait and see, it always is that time thing you know, and Jesus didn’t have that answer either you know.

Just had to use this to make a note, as I wrote about the  code you see, but also started something new again you see.  Thought maybe it was over for me as I said before, but Father has other plans for this war.  Oh yes a war by spirit Jesus tried to tell you, but as all things also in flesh that we humans always battle you see, we are human lest we forget.

There are ones that follow the Old and now we have the ones that follow man instead of Jesus in the New you see, so they just seem to think Jesus had no temper to judge at all you see, well that sweet side is just the other part of him and that is me.  Just like asking a person how many hours in a day you see, they say 24 and Jesus said 12 you see.  So with my spirit half I am often saying in mind to him, are we on your half of 12 or my half you see, just kinda laughing at our sleeping watchman schedule you see.

Now my brothers were stuck in the law you see just like everyone to me, but I have the papers from daddy you see, he left what was given to him not in any order for his sons at all you see, they just got stuck in law following men not Jesus at all so didn’t understand.  I have 2 brothers that are with their spirit brides you know, they are the ones who have to take the stand, and little brother because of that spirit bride my sister you know, was going with or without him to get me from GA you see, so that little brother stood up to this full family.  This is that servant as Jesus you see, and the side of being one you see standing up for all to see, standing with that bride of his by spirit, don’t you even mess with him, a strength from within.


Last night went to bed before 8, heard Gillette mark 3, thought of shaving you see, but got out my bible and started to read Mark 3. Even those big wigs keep trying to get your attention you see with what they name things you see. I stopped at vs 19 you see fell right to sleep you see. Got up this morning fired it back up saw the scriptures there started to read what was on the screen backward you see: 19, 18, 17. you see. Thought yup, that is first last last first to me, made me ponder the middle vs more you see. I kinda laugh inside and say to Father you see, sure wish I understood all this you give me, and was given word “understand” you see, so looked that up starting last one first. Then viewed my map you see, of the numbers in scripture used you see. Thought wow, saw something new on that window today looking at it across instead of the other way.
Went to ponder you see year this and laugh inside again, thought they just don’t understand spirit you know.
My one star generals are also family you know:

as I hahaha inside on that, hear this then you see, but can’t find the song… but hear the words thought also kenny song.
Older women are beautiful lovers, Older women know just how to please a man.

The thing is, physical things are not all their is to pleasing someone, we just ain’t got a grip on that one being human you see, as it is more spirit to me.

Haha I will write more later, this time I am writing most recent first you know, as I thought that was given this song, always makes me laugh you know:

I ponder then after last song you see, after asking Father that question you see. Then it comes to me, yes mom used to call that an unction, but if you don’t know Father you have not got a clue, how he is using it to call to ones He knows, not in church you know. So it is like a sample day for you, on my heart and mind on the Lord all day, arn’t you glad I don’t do this all the time, hahaha me too, but then it will come back if I am to write about it you know… these are pieces you know and only I will understand should Father have me write about them.

In pondering you see the words roaring twenties came to me, and with that remember conversations with Gertrude at Cousins Jewelry Store I used to work in. Gert used to talk about that to me. She also talked about the speak easy’s you see.

That brings it back to scriptures to me, does it to you? who has a clue?

I enjoy my day with Father you see, and say in mind to him, Father are you roaring like a Lion? with those numbers instead? That is a song too you know I say to Him hahahaha